Smake Factory


Your problem:

You need an embroiderer/printer that implements your orders according to your specifications.

Your solution:

Smake eShop – because we know your problem and we solve it for you!

Textile emroidery / textile printing / textile laser / label / zipOn

Smake® - finishings & textiles (Un)Limited Edition are textiles facing all challenges
your brand is becoming a label. Finished textiles can be used versatile and are perfect advertising media. Personalized textiles and branded articles are being worn with pride – by your employees, customers and fans. This is how your brand turns into a label. We take care that the details are placed and processed perfectly on your articles.
Valid reasons for your advertisement
With embroidery we solely trust ourselves. Thanks to our in-house embroidery we define production and quality. The use of cutting-edge embroidery machinery enables big and small quantities with a constantly consistent high quality standard.
Printed reasons for companies
Printing must be mastered: regardless of your order volume our high-end machinery for direct digital printing and transfer printing as well as the licensed partner for screen printing garantee consistent quality according tp your own design-specifications.
This is how a brand rememberance is guaranteed
For special tasks we are equpipped especially well. In this case with the most powerful textile laser in all of Germany. A comparable technology is being used by italian luxury brands for the realization of the latest fashion trends. Our creations are highly representable as well.

applications & more
Finishings combined fashionably
For challenging and creative customers we offer emroidery applications and combinations of all sorts of finishings. With the composition of laser, embroidery and print we create unique products that stand out significantly and trendy from the ‚standards’.
Most delicate labels for your brand
We turn your brand into a fashionable label. Merchandising textiles can be finished with your individual label. This way your label can be used for most diverse textiles. Due to finest woven works filigree details are possible that , so far, could only be achieved in printing.
This is where one joins with the other in your advertisement
little price , big effect: the extension of zippers offers the wearer a practical use through easy opening and closing. Furthermore and at the same it gets the user in touch with your company in a promotionally effective way on a daily basis. Moreover ZipOn can be used for team labeling , a key ring, a mailing insert or as an access tool for incentives.

For account managers, distributors, agencies

with direct link to production
for handling of textile customer orders starting at 1 piece : easy – fast –efficient

This is how it works:

With just a few clicks you can get to Layout, ordering and production really easy and fast

  • Registration through Login
  • Select product
  • Place logo/motif
  • Save layout in favorites/inspiration
  • Copy layout to the desktop/file and have it approved by your customer
  • Place favorite into cart after approval , adjust quantity and order
  • Enter delivery address
  • Done

Smake ist the unique, virtual Merchandising E-Shop-Center that offers customer-specific deliveries of single embroidered, printed, lasered and labeled textiles in top-quality and an extremely fast delivery time starting at 1 piece on demand.



Through our shop system and the Designer you are offering all possibilities for individualization to your customer.


Our standard range consists of over 5.000 high-quality articles.


Our standard range consists of over 5.000 high-quality articles.


We offer In-house print-, embroidery-, laser finishing and textile labeling as well as their combinations.

Saving Tool

Completely save all costs for procurement of goods as well as all expenses for processing.


Full Power

As a partner of Smake® alliance you can use all advantages of Smake® for yourself and your customers.

New markets

Through Smake® you gain extreme textile Know-How in a future-oriented way: Online- virtual - personalized – starting at 1 piece – with a fast delivery time and without storage costs and prefinancing.

Customer loyalty

Your customer doesn’t want to replace you as a supplier anymore, because with Smake® the single article isn’t paramount anymore – but a whole system which ,at it’s best, delivers through interfaces directly into the customer-ERP-system.


Once implemented you won’t be talking to your customer about the price of the artcile but the process cost savings that you can offer with Smake®.