Smake E-Shop


Your problem:

You need the highest level of product diversity with minimal costs, national/international for various groups of users and buyers.

Your solution:

Smake eShop – because we know your problem and we solve it for you!

White Label

Easy – fast – efficient
For your employees and customers with a vast virtualized variety of products – on demand starting at 1 piece, individualized, personalized, without putting strain on your cost unit – with tremendous posiibilities of process cost savings.

E-Shop offers enormous advantages for you and your customers in the area of process cost savings, article flexibility and additionally can be used as a strong marketing tool.

Smake®: is extremely flexible with connections to existing shop systems through established interfaces.

Smake® White Label

Your E-Shop-Concept for virtualized CD-textiles with a direct link to production, 1 piece available for order with embroidery-, print-, laser finishing, additionally great savings in process costs and amazing marketing options!

This is how much you save with Smake®:

Sample calculation for storing and shipping textiles yourself:


  • 10 articles: 5 Women-/ Men textiles (t-shirts, polos, sweaters, button-down shirts, jackets)
  • 4 colors, 6 sizes
  • About 50 pieces per size in stock, article price 15,- €
  • 10 x 4 x 6 x 50 x 15 = 180.000 € inventory
  • procurement costs employees, prefinancing, storage-/logistics expenses incl.employees per year: 40.000 €


  • storage-/logistics expenses incl.employees
  • prefinancing cost unit
  • reorder per year

with Smake: exactly 0,00 € expenses for this example! Savings potential with Smake®: 220.000 €


Discover the possibilities
For marketing campaigns at POS or online – no remaindered items, we take care oft he logistics, customer data for later communication, vouchers, etc. your customers as brand ambassadors.

Admin area

Complete control and transparency over all campaigns – reporting and monitoring
Saving Tool
Saving total costs for procurement of goods
  • Standard range thousands of articles (never out of stock)
  • No procurement costs
  • No prefinancing
  • No storage expenses
  • No internal logistic expenses
  • No minimum purchase
  • 1 piece production on demand
Saving total costs for processing
  • Payment only after order at cost unit or budget
  • Delivery directly to desired recipient
  • Overnight Delivery on request
  • Integrable into your ERP environment ( for example SAP / Oventis)
Marketing Tool
Internal use
  • CD suitable brand communication
  • Employee retention and-motivation
  • Employee clothing within 1-3 days
  • Trade show-, event- and campaign modules
  • Controlling field service, budget and promotion rebate
  • Monitoring and reporting
External use
  • Promotional tool at POS
  • Customer loyalty through shop and Co-branding
  • Direct customer contact through mailings, newsletters or voucher campaigns

Smake’s variety

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