Smake API


Your problem:

You have an E-Shop but no reliable producer that can produce one-piece textiles on demand.

Your solution:

Smake API – because we have interfaces directly in production – and therefore the solution for you!

Smake API interface

The production interface for your E-Shop b2c and b2b
You run an E-Shop for textiles or their textile merchandising and are looking for a producer who handles the irregularly arriving orders for you on demand 24/7 from ordering of goods, production to delivery without mistakes - without expenses for stock on hand and international.
With Smake API you have a direct interface to production. If it’s ours or your own – we have the right solution for both.
You take care of online communication and that customers order in your E-Shop and we handle the physical processing.

Target groups:

  • For big textilers who demand individualization/personalization of their textiles starting at 1 piece.
  • For Start Ups who want to distribute textile products through Social Media channels.
  • For groups that want to perfect their textile merchandising without risk.
  • For customers who want to avoid the risk of stock on hand and unnecessary ‚sales’.
  • For customers that couldn’t offer textiles on demand because of the above reasons til date.